Wind Farm Project Halted

WORLD Expansion plans at the London Array, one of the world’s largest offshore wind farms, have come to a sudden halt. Owners blame concerns about migrating birds. (BBC) Use our resources to better understand the debate about offshore wind farms. Discussion Ideas Read the BBC article, then read through our activity “Stakeholder Debate: Wind Energy.” Adapt the activity’s analysis for the London Array debate. Who … Continue reading Wind Farm Project Halted

Salty Ancient Seawater Found Beneath Chesapeake Bay

GEOGRAPHY AWARENESS WEEK! SCIENCE Scientists have discovered a pocket of ancient seawater that’s been trapped underground near the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay since the time of the dinosaurs—strong evidence that the Atlantic Ocean was once much saltier than today. (NPR) Did someone say Chesapeake Bay water quality?! Discussion Ideas The pockets of ancient Atlantic seawater found near Cape Charles, Virginia, are twice as salty … Continue reading Salty Ancient Seawater Found Beneath Chesapeake Bay