Can You Find Ukraine?

GEOGRAPHY Although two-thirds of Americans have reported following the situation between Russia and Ukraine in Crimea at least “somewhat closely,” most actually know very little about events on the ground—or even where the ground is. (Washington Post blog) We’ll help you find Ukraine! Discussion Ideas Why does it matter if Americans know where Ukraine is? Watch our video “Why is Geo-literacy Important” for some help. … Continue reading Can You Find Ukraine?

History of Crimea in Six Maps

WORLD Crimea has long been a strategic and geopolitical prize. Ancient Cimmerians and Greeks, followed by the Goths and Venetians, were just a few of the embattled peninsula’s many occupiers over the centuries. (National Geographic News) Customize your own map of Crimea with our MapMaker Interactive. Discussion Ideas Why is Crimea in the news? Ukraine is experiencing massive civil unrest (read about some reasons why … Continue reading History of Crimea in Six Maps