Homeschoolers and Informal Educators: Share your story on the Blog!

My Wonderful World is seeking homeschool, after school, and informal
educators to share their experiences of geographic learning with kids.
We’re looking for stories, best practices, tips, photos, and any other
relevant information to post on the blog.

bears2.jpgHere are a couple examples of past entries from homeschoolers:
Family on Bikes
SoulTravelers3 Explore World Culture through World Travel

So tell us: How do you teach geography at home and through field trips? What makes geographic learning fun? What resources (online and otherwise) do you recommend?

If you or someone you know would like to be a guest blogger, please contact Sarah Jane Caban at

Thank you!

Image courtesy Richland School District, WI.

2 thoughts on “Homeschoolers and Informal Educators: Share your story on the Blog!

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