Five for Friday: 12.5.2008


1. Have you ever imagined what your Facebook interactions might look like—in 3-D geographic space?  Project
takes actions from Facebook
(friend requests, profile views, wall posts, etc) and visualizes them in real
time.  When you request to add your
long-lost friend from California to your
social network, a line is drawn from you to California on a virtual globe. Because
hundreds of these interactions are happening at once, the results look similar
to a busy flight map.
This is a great way to see how
technology is connecting the world!



2. Need to find pictures of places around the world, but tired
of using a simple Google Image search? Try
which allows you to search for pictures geographically.

Click on the interactive map to upload and
view photos!


3. Today, government officials meet again with the chief
executives of the Big 3
Auto Makers
to discuss a multimillion
bailout plan
to keep the companies from going under.  There has been considerable backlash from the
American public, citing the need for a “dying industry” to go in new,
environmentally friendly directions. While the CEO’s appear to be obliging
through actions both dramatic and symbolic–from acceptance of a $25 billion
federal loan to develop fuel-efficient vehicles to a decision to travel from
Detroit to Washington in hybrid cars rather than private corporate jets– most
would agree that the American automakers’ efforts lag well behind their
competitors’ in Europe and Asia. In places like England  and Poland, news headlines have
already shifted to highlight how those countries are embracing electric and
hybrid cars.  This past September, Japan
celebrated its first electric
car made from bamboo
– très chic.


4. As you begin your holiday shopping, keep in mind that going
green is now easier than ever.  National Geographic’s Green Guide and Consumer
Reports: Greener Choices
have a great variety of green products.  If you’re looking for something for the avid
nature-lover, check out the Nature
Conservancy’s Adopt an Acre Program
and give the gift of conservation.


5. Snowed in? After you’ve mastered the Friends
of World Heritage Travelpod Game
and Stateris games we’ve
mentioned before, try your luck at the Smithsonian’s Geography from
Space Quiz
and see how you fare!  If
you’ve still got a case of cabin fever, don’t forget you can travel virtually
to different places around the globe through the Fun and Games section of
the My Wonderful World website.  Take it easy and have a good weekend!

One thought on “Five for Friday: 12.5.2008

  1. Boy, you always come up with great links! Love ’em and I will pass them on to my followers on twitter!
    That bamboo car looks cool! With oil being harder and harder to get, I think we need to put more money into trains and mass transit in the US.
    There is such a huge difference between how people in Europe use energy & how it is in US and I am afraid it really looks glaring after 3 years away.
    Even little things can make a difference like why do so many Californians use dryers with all that sun, while even northern European families rarely do even in harsh winters?

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