Give teachers and students the best possible gift: Donate to the MWW’s Donors Choose Challenge this holiday season!

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the season of giving.
As you know, at My Wonderful World we believe in giving the gift of global knowledge…all year long.

this end, one of our efforts has been to create a “My
Wonderful World Challenge”
 on We’ve hand-picked creative, comprehensive proposals that
directly support the My Wonderful World mission by integrating global learning
into the curriculum and inspiring students to care about the world. I’m
downright bowled over by the interdisciplinary scope and innovativeness of some of
our most recent project additions, including:

Culture through the Camera Lens

educator at the Green School in Brooklyn, NY, would like cameras for a video technology class.
Students will gain artistic, technological, and communication skills and
explore personal, cultural, and global identities through a series of projects.
Among these, they will create PSAs promoting renewable energy sources, and
documentaries that examine issues of importance to their local community. Read
the full description.

America’s Next Top Model United Nations
teacher at the Houston Academy for International Studies, a diverse public school whose mission is to
“create global citizens,” runs a dynamic Model United Nations program. Without
a course textbook or school library to house resources, this
educator would like a class set of Thomas Friedman’s acclaimed bestseller The
World is Flat
Read the full description.

Who among us can’t recall at least one groundbreaking teacher, project, or
activity that broadened their horizons and imbued them with a new outlook on
the world? For Campaign Director Anne it was a 10th grade
world geography class. For me, it was 11th grade AP environmental
science (fondly referred to as “APES”).

if these or any of the other projects on our MWW Challenge seem
compelling to you, we hope you’ll consider a donation this month. Looking for a family,
church, or community philanthropy activity? Why not sponsor a proposal!
In search of the perfect gift for that activist friend? Donors Choose now
offers gift certificates! And of course, if you know a teacher eager to
bring global learning into the classroom, please encourage them to submit a
proposal to the Challenge.

Just think: this holiday YOU could be the force behind
that influential teacher who changes a student’s life–and just maybe their
perspective on the world.

bit more on Donors

this new millennium era of transparency and accountability, Donors Choose is the
fair-trade, middleman-eliminating trailblazer of the education sector. Donors directly impact students in need by selecting
teacher-submitted proposals, and then donating specifically to those projects. It’s
just plain genius, and equally adept in its utilization of web 2.0 technologies
to pioneer a streamlined process. We are thrilled to be working with this innovative organization to support teachers and students!

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  1. I think this was a great campaign. Got on this page randomly, on Google, and I am wondering now, when is the next season, if there will be! Maybe if I will show this to my teachers, maybe they will give me a fake diploma. HEHEHE!

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