New Google Earth Layers

We’ve created three new Google Earth layers:

Gaw Geography Awareness Week events: See if there is an event happening near you! (More about GAW events.)

Geographyalliancenetwork Geography Alliance Network: Find your local Geography Alliance and work with other educators and geographers to improve geography education in your area. (More about the Geography Alliance Network.)

Collegegeographydepts College and University Geography Departments in the U.S. and Canada: See which schools offer degrees in geography.

To view a layer, download it (by clicking the link above) and open it in Google Earth. You see it under “Temporary Places” in the left-hand column. Then zoom in to North America and click the icons to explore, or double-click on the links in the left-hand column.

(Don’t have Google Earth? Get it here for free. And here’s a “Getting Started” user guide.)

Mww_quiz_3 And don’t forget to test your Africa IQ with our interactive quiz on Google Earth.

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