Borat‘s Kazakhstan

Map_country_kazakhstan It’s hard to miss the commercials—or the buzz—for Borat, a new movie starring British comedian Sasha Baron Cohen as an inept and ill-mannered Kazakh journalist. The people of Kazakhstan are, understandably, a bit horrified at the false traditions—caging women and drinking horse urine, among others—attributed by Borat to the Asian nation.

So what is Kazakhstan really like? Here are a few sites to give you a better picture of the ninth-largest (by area) country in the world.

Country Profiles




Have you been to Kazakhstan? Tell us about it.

5 thoughts on “Borat‘s Kazakhstan

  1. This movie, whether you care for his comedy or not, is opening people’s eyes up to stereotyping AND different cultures, so it’s a good thing. My two cents.


  2. Don’t be stupid. This film and Cohen are taking the mick out of all the rasicm and biggotry that go on in the world, showing how truely non-sensical they all are. It is completely light hearted and non-serious in it’s depiction of Khazakstan. The reaction to the film itself is the very point it’s making. IT’S REDICULOUS.


  3. this film is a mirror for ther ignorance and stupidness of todays people.and it is going to be worse with time.the worst part though is that sascha cohen studied on elite teh way this guy should be jailed for this film.hope kazakhstan starts an ad about sasha cohens childhood and why he became such an illfated person.


  4. Drinking horse urine? For many years (in the United States and Europe) the primary source of premerin (estrogen replacement for women) was/is distilled from the urine of pregnant mares.


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