Inca Trail Runner

Subscribe to this blog’s feed I’m compelled to share this video for a few reasons: 1) its direct relevance to geography, 2) perhaps relatedly—its capacity to evoke fond memories of a former National Geographic education coworker (and, incidentally, housemate) 3) its application to emergent web 2.0 technologies, and 4) its value as an entertainment and inspirational piece. 1. The video is one in a series … Continue reading Inca Trail Runner

Have Your Students Run Around the Globe

Here’s a new spin on “physical geography.” At Sequoia Middle School in Fontana, California, a teacher’s unique program links phys ed, geography, math, and world history. From the Fontana Herald News: Several students at Sequoia Middle School are “running around the world,” and along the way, they’re learning about the cities, states and countries they’re passing through. Read more, then tell us what you think. … Continue reading Have Your Students Run Around the Globe