Five For Friday: Fifty State Stories

Thumbnail image for logo2005.gifStarting Earth Day 2011, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and its partners are sharing stories about how accelerating climate change is impacting or may impact fish and wildlife where you live.

As detailed on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife blog, Open Spaces, where the stories are being posted, “Each weekday for 50 consecutive weekdays we are rolling out a new story from a different state. Our aim is to show the broad scope of changes and emerging trends we’re just beginning to understand, as well as collaborative efforts to respond across the nation.”

Earth Day was last Friday. For those of you who are counting, that means that this Friday marks the sixth days of climate change stories. A good time for a little Five for Friday feature, I figured.

The first five stories posted on the Open Spaces blog are:

  1. California: Incorporating Climate Change into Planning California’s Bay-Delta Future
  2. Idaho: Streamflow Responses to Climate Change – Why Elevation and Geology Matter
  3. Louisiana: Re-planting Forests, Reducing CO2 and Saving Wildlife
  4. Missouri: Climate Concerns Add to Challenges Facing Sturgeon Recovery Efforts
  5. Massachusetts: Changes at Walden Pond

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