Teagan Hayes- Yukon to Yellowstone

Teagan graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison with degrees in Zoology and Geography. She is currently doing research in forest ecology in northern hardwood-hemlock forest and spending as much time in the field as possible, observing the wonders of the woods and its seasonal changes.

Food. Sleep. Aching muscles. Cold fingers and toes. These were the thoughts foremost in my mind after biking 50 miles through gale-force winds and rain in Canada’s Yukon Territory. What have I gotten myself into?

In August 2008, a group of six cyclists set out on a journey from the Yukon to Yellowstone National Park– 2,300 miles all on bicycles. Our route was to follow the Yellowstone to Yukon (Y2Y) ecological corridor, winding south along the continent’s spine, the Rocky Mountains. There, at the beginning, our entire journey lay out before us waiting to show us its wonders if we only let them come.


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