A Fond Farewell

I knew that this day would come. I have been putting it off, ignoring it, pretending it wouldn’t happen. I thought perhaps that if I didn’t think about it, I wouldn’t have to face reality. Sure, there were gentle reminders, the whispering in my ear that the clock was ticking. I brushed them aside, thinking “It’s only October, it’s only November, it’s only…” But now the time has come.

It is time to write a blog about badgers.

Yes, badgers.

The gentle reminders? The ticking clock? Did you really think they were referring to the end of my internship? The reality is that I made a promise to my cousin Noah over a year ago, just as I began thinking about applying for this internship, that if I indeed went to work for National Geographic, I would write an article about badgers for him. He is a badger-fanatic, and feels that these furry guys just don’t get enough press. I assured him that I if the opportunity presented itself, (not thinking it ever would) I would most surely write something about Meles meles.

Badger Victory #1: I got the internship.
Badger Set-Back #1: I was assigned to the Education Programs. “Sorry, Noah. Didn’t get placed in the Magazine. Doesn’t look like I’ll be writing anything any time soon.”
Badger Victory #2: The My Wonderful World blog. “Noah! I get to write for an NG blog! Badgers here we come!”
Badger Set-Back #2: I know absolutely nothing about badgers.

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