Wind Farm Project Halted

WORLD Expansion plans at the London Array, one of the world’s largest offshore wind farms, have come to a sudden halt. Owners blame concerns about migrating birds. (BBC) Use our resources to better understand the debate about offshore wind farms. Discussion Ideas Read the BBC article, then read through our activity “Stakeholder Debate: Wind Energy.” Adapt the activity’s analysis for the London Array debate. Who … Continue reading Wind Farm Project Halted

Wind Power: It’s the Way of the Future, Y’all

As a Houstonian whose
father works in the oil industry (oil reservoir management to be exact), I
found this issue surprising, compelling, and extremely relevant even to those
who live outside the Lone Star State…


Texas may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of alternative energy. Rather, it’s probably the state most
associated with oil production and consumption (e.g. “Texas T” from The Beverly Hillbillies). “Black gold” certainly plays a strong role in
Texas’ economy and history (it has been the
top oil producing state since the 1920s), but the Lone Star State is also gaining a reputation as a
leader in alternative energy. Texas is investing in wind
resources more than any other state, having just committed $4.93 billion to new
transmission projects
. Nationwide, only 1 percent of electric power is
generated by wind sources. By 2030, experts
estimate that figure could jump to 20 percent if other states follow Texas’ lead.


Wind energy can be captured by wind turbines like these in Missouri
Photo courtesy of
Popular Science

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