Tracking Wildlife With Personal Tech

ENVIRONMENT Enlisting input from a network of volunteer citizen scientists expands the reach of a project, sometimes beyond what scientists can imagine. (National Geographic News) Find ideas on citizen science projects for yourself, your family, or your classroom. Teachers, scroll down for a quick list of key resources—including a list of some of our favorite kid-friendly citizen science projects! Discussion Ideas What is citizen science? … Continue reading Tracking Wildlife With Personal Tech

Stalking the Wild Steer in Hawaii

GEOGRAPHY In the jungles of Hawaii’s Big Island, wild cattle are the biggest—and most dangerous—game. But what are they even doing there? (Modern Farmer) Use our resources to learn more about invasive species. Discussion Questions The cattle roaming Hawaii’s Big Island are a non-native species, meaning they are not indigenous to the region. Where are Hereford cattle native? How did they get to Hawaii? (Hint: … Continue reading Stalking the Wild Steer in Hawaii

Emus Take Over Australian Town

GEOGRAPHY AWARENESS WEEK! ENVIRONMENT Driven from the Outback by drought, hungry emus have strutted into the town of Longreach, Queensland. Residents are worried about the large bird’s safety—as well as their own. (National Geographic Newswatch) Use our resources to understand the far-reaching impact of droughts. Discussion Ideas Emus are a type of bird. They are primary consumers, meaning they forage for seeds and plants. Why … Continue reading Emus Take Over Australian Town