Guest Blogger Kerry Jones: Geography Envy

Kerry Jones is a homeschooling mom of two teenagers and a freelance writer who writes chiefly about educational and assistive technology–particularly for homeschoolers. You can read more of her articles and check out her blog by visiting her website.

I stink at geography.  That’s not an exaggeration.  I never laugh at those derisive news stories about children (or adults) who are unable to tell you the capital of Nebraska or figure out whether Slovakia is in Europe or Asia.  For some reason, the geography I was taught in school simply never “took.”  Most likely because I never took a personal interest in the subject, but also because it was always taught with so little creativity.  My geography education basically consisted of filling in blank map outlines and memorizing mnemonic devices that would help me remember that People Attack Irritating Stinging Ants (those are the five oceans, by the way: Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Southern, Arctic). 

When I began homeschooling, I was determined that my children would never come near a blank map outline or memorize a single acronym.

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