Educator Spotlight: Language Arts Goes Green

Shakenya Humphries, this week’s Educator of the Week, makes language arts compelling by connecting readings and writings to real-world challenges. Shakenya teaches language arts at Washington School for Girls in Washington, D.C. Activity: Water Rights and Responsibilities  Grade Level: 6-7  Time Commitment: Around 2 weeks Connecting Reading and Writing to Living Some students who live in inner-city schools struggle with language arts because they are … Continue reading Educator Spotlight: Language Arts Goes Green

(Some of the) Best of BioBlitz!

We just wrapped up another brilliant BioBlitz! As of 10 p.m. Saturday, the good folks at iNaturalist list the totals at 6,274 observations, 961 species counted, and 433 (human) participants. So what was blitzed?  Click here to see the latest updates! Most observed critters? birds What birds? mallard ducks, American robins, Canada geese What insects? eastern tiger swallowtail butterflies, six-spotted tiger beetles, seven-spotted ladybirds What … Continue reading (Some of the) Best of BioBlitz!

#tbt: How a Riot Helped to Ratify the 19th amendment

By Alyson Foster Content & Collections Specialist, National Geographic Library This week marks the anniversary of the ratification of the 19th amendment, which gave women the right to vote. The event was the culmination of more than a century of struggle and setbacks for American women. For those of us living today, it’s hard to understand the controversy surrounding the enfranchisement of women. What’s the … Continue reading #tbt: How a Riot Helped to Ratify the 19th amendment

There’s a Castle in Washington, D.C.?

Little known fact: the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. is celebrating 168 years! It’s true, as you can see in This Day in Geographic History. The Smithsonian Institution is a great place to visit. Museum entry is free, and the museums are open 364 days of the year (only closed on Christmas)! Exhibits have something for everyone, and the people who work there are brains worth picking . . . Not everyone … Continue reading There’s a Castle in Washington, D.C.?

On Being a Geography Major

This blog is written by National Geographic Education Social Media & Promotion Intern, Amelia Tidona, as a part of the Geography Awareness blog-a-thon. For more information about Geography Awareness Week visit, Hey! It’s Amelia again, current Social Media & Promotion Intern for National Geographic Education.  As a recent college graduate coming from a small liberal arts school in rural upstate New York, I’ll admit the … Continue reading On Being a Geography Major