UNESCO Adds New Biosphere Reserves

ENVIRONMENT New additions bring the total number of biosphere reserves to 669 sites in 120 countries. (UNESCO) Where are the newest reserves? What is UNESCO? What is a biosphere reserve? Use our resources to find out. Teachers, scroll down for a quick list of key resources in our Teachers’ Toolkit, including a link to today’s MapMaker Interactive map. Discussion Ideas UNESCO recently added new sites … Continue reading UNESCO Adds New Biosphere Reserves

Weekly Warm-Up: What is World Heritage?

Your students know intuitively that places can carry meanings. Whether they’ve visited the Grand Canyon, the Eiffel Tower, or the place their parents met, they’ve undoubtedly felt the significance of standing in a particular spot. What are some places that carry meaning? Why? Challenge your students to consider places that are important to them as individuals, as members of their community, and as citizens of … Continue reading Weekly Warm-Up: What is World Heritage?

Weihnachtsmann is Coming to Town

WORLD A German museum has applied for Father Christmas (Weihnachtsmann) to be added to the official UNESCO Cultural Heritage List. (Telegraph) Use our resources to better understand how the U.S. claimed its own Father Christmas (Santa Claus). Discussion Ideas UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Social, and Cultural Organization) maintains a closely guarded list of “World Heritage Sites.” Read our section on UNESCO’s Culture Sector for … Continue reading Weihnachtsmann is Coming to Town