Animals Run Wild in Chernobyl

ENVIRONMENT Removing humans from the exclusion zone around the damaged Chernobyl nuclear reactor has allowed wildlife to return. (BBC) What happened at Chernobyl? Use our resources to find out. Discussion Ideas The entire human population around the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station was evacuated in 1986. Why? Take a look at our short article on the disaster for some help. According to our article, “workers in … Continue reading Animals Run Wild in Chernobyl

Geography in the News - Pumpkins

Geography In The News: The Great American Pumpkin

By Neal Lineback and Mandy Lineback Gritzner, Geography in the NewsTM Festival results are still coming in, but it looks like the world’s largest pumpkin to-date has outgrown last year’s record which was an amazing 2,032 pounds (921.7 kg) grown in California in 2013. Pumpkin weigh-offs are happening around the world and in the United States at county and state fairs for the 2014 crop. While … Continue reading Geography In The News: The Great American Pumpkin

Can You Find Ukraine?

GEOGRAPHY Although two-thirds of Americans have reported following the situation between Russia and Ukraine in Crimea at least “somewhat closely,” most actually know very little about events on the ground—or even where the ground is. (Washington Post blog) We’ll help you find Ukraine! Discussion Ideas Why does it matter if Americans know where Ukraine is? Watch our video “Why is Geo-literacy Important” for some help. … Continue reading Can You Find Ukraine?

History of Crimea in Six Maps

WORLD Crimea has long been a strategic and geopolitical prize. Ancient Cimmerians and Greeks, followed by the Goths and Venetians, were just a few of the embattled peninsula’s many occupiers over the centuries. (National Geographic News) Customize your own map of Crimea with our MapMaker Interactive. Discussion Ideas Why is Crimea in the news? Ukraine is experiencing massive civil unrest (read about some reasons why … Continue reading History of Crimea in Six Maps

Ukraine Protesters Maintain Blockade

WORLD Thousands of protesters have spent the night in freezing cold in the centre of the Ukrainian capital Kiev, after Sunday’s huge anti-government rally. (BBC) Use our resources to better understand the conflict in Ukraine—protesters supporting closer ties with the European Union, and government backers supporting closer ties with Russia. Discussion Ideas The protests in Kiev are both political and economic. What are some of … Continue reading Ukraine Protesters Maintain Blockade