Wednesday Word of the Week: translate

translate (TRANZ-layt) verb. to turn written or spoken text into a different language. Sometimes, the most difficult words to translate aren’t the most arcane or obscure. Consider this evaluation by the peerless translator William Weaver, perhaps most famous for his translation of Umberto Eco: “Some of the hardest things to translate into English from Italian are not great big words, such as you find in … Continue reading Wednesday Word of the Week: translate

‘Let it Go’ Goes Global

ARTS By now, you’re probably familiar with the global hit “Let It Go” from Disney’s Frozen. However, you may be less familiar with versions sung in one of the 41 other languages recorded for the film’s foreign releases. (NPR) Use our resources to get in tune with globalization. Discussion Ideas The 25 languages represented in the amazing, seamless video above are just more than half … Continue reading ‘Let it Go’ Goes Global