Seasonal Sheep Herding in Idaho

GEOGRAPHY A wall of wool will “baa” its way through Ketchum, Idaho, next month as a decades-old tradition—the moving of sheep to their winter lambing and grazing grounds—returns. (Los Angeles Times) Use our resources to learn more about herding traditions, and gaze through the photo galleries throughout this post. Discussion Ideas Read through our encyclopedic entry on herding. What type of herding is celebrated by the … Continue reading Seasonal Sheep Herding in Idaho

On Being a Geography Major

This blog is written by National Geographic Education Social Media & Promotion Intern, Amelia Tidona, as a part of the Geography Awareness blog-a-thon. For more information about Geography Awareness Week visit, Hey! It’s Amelia again, current Social Media & Promotion Intern for National Geographic Education.  As a recent college graduate coming from a small liberal arts school in rural upstate New York, I’ll admit the … Continue reading On Being a Geography Major