Shark Tracked Across the Atlantic

ENVIRONMENT Ever since researchers tagged a great white shark nicknamed Lydia off Jacksonville, Florida, a year ago, they’ve been keeping a close eye on her. Their vigilance was rewarded when the 907-kilogram (2,000-pound) fish became the first great white observed to cross the Atlantic Ocean. (National Geographic News) Use our resources to compare Lydia with other long-distance marine migrators. Discussion Ideas Take a look at … Continue reading Shark Tracked Across the Atlantic

Tracking the History of Skiing

SPORTS An ancient culture in the Chinese Altay Mountains offers a glimpse of how skiing evolved. (National Geographic Magazine) Use our resources to learn more about the evolution of skiing. Discussion Ideas Look at the map above. Why do you think cultures in Scandinavia and the Altay Mountains developed skiing cultures? How did skiing benefit these communities? According to the Nat Geo magazine article, “[W]hoever … Continue reading Tracking the History of Skiing