Beached. Blue. Bloated.

SCIENCE A dead blue whale washed up on the shore of a small fishing town in Newfoundland last week. A bloated, beached, blubbery bomb of a blue whale. As of Thursday morning, the carcass is still intact, but onlookers are worried that it might soon explode. Literally. (The Atlantic) Use our resources to learn more about the life and death of blue whales.   Discussion … Continue reading Beached. Blue. Bloated.

Is Everest’s Climbing Season Finished?

WORLD The climbing season on the Nepalese side of Mount Everest may be over, according to those on the scene. On Friday, 16 Nepali mountaineers were killed in the the single deadliest accident on the mountain. (National Geographic News) Use our resources to learn more about Mount Everest and the dangers of avalanches. Discussion Ideas Watch our video, “Avalanches 101,” above. It describes two types … Continue reading Is Everest’s Climbing Season Finished?

Current Event Connection: Afghan Ski Challenge

TRAVEL AND TOURISM Afghan Ski Challenge Promotes Tourism to War-Weary Hindu Kush This article describes the Afghan Ski Challenge, a sports competition that encourages people to visit the rugged slopes of Afghanistan’s Hindu Kush mountain range. Discussion idea: Look at our collection on tourism. What activities or landmarks are featured? What are some popular activities or landmarks in your community? Read through the activity “Creating … Continue reading Current Event Connection: Afghan Ski Challenge

Antarctica: “hot” tourist destination of 2010?

Yesterday, at a joint session of the Arctic Council and the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called for tighter controls over tourism and other forms of pollution in Antarctica. Citing environmental and scientific research value, she urged greater global cooperation in preserving the continent.

Since 2000-01, visits to Antarctica have increased nearly four-fold,
with 46,000 visitors to the continent during the last tourist season.
The implications of this increase in tourism are, of course,
devastating to such a pristine ecosystem. And with the continued rise
in adventure tourism and nature-oriented travel, scientists and
preservationists are understandably concerned over the future of the


A Jet Cruises over Antartica

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“Follow the Equator” to enter the Global Citizens Essay Contest

The newest member of our Blogroll is “Following the Equator,” the blog recently created for Education First (EF) Educational Tours. The blog currently features travel jottings from a student trip to France. EF fosters global citizenship through programs for teacher and student travel abroad, an effort aligned with our mission to “give kids the power of global knowledge.” Read more about the organization’s work here. … Continue reading “Follow the Equator” to enter the Global Citizens Essay Contest