Truly Alternative Energies: Tidal Power

This article is part one of a short series for October’s National Energy Awareness Month by National Geographic Geography Intern Hannah Dempsey. We live in a time where oil is a highly politicized, billion-dollar industry. Where mountains are destroyed so we can pick at the coal buried underneath. Where climate change threatens our coffee beans. Pick a reason: politics, money, or the environment, we need … Continue reading Truly Alternative Energies: Tidal Power

China Invests in Tidal Energy

BUSINESS A race is under way to unlock one of the world’s biggest untapped sources of clean energy—the ocean—with China emerging as an important testing ground. (Wall Street Journal) Use our resources to better understand tidal energy. Discussion Ideas Look at our MapMaker Interactive displaying use of solar, tidal, and wave energy. Why do you think these diverse energy sources are grouped together? Solar, tidal, … Continue reading China Invests in Tidal Energy