An Eater’s Guide to Food Labels

FOOD Food packaging isn’t just the shell that protects or contains a product. It’s a powerful miniature billboard—a tool that food producers use to reel in customers. It’s also a document, of sorts, that conveys how a food was produced and whether the government has overseen that process. The problem for consumers? Knowing the difference. (Nat Geo’s The Plate blog) Use our resources, including interactives, … Continue reading An Eater’s Guide to Food Labels

U.S. Considers ‘GMO-Free’ Label

FOOD The U.S. Department of Agriculture confirmed that it is, after years of debate, considering an official voluntary “GMO-Free” label for food. (The Plate, Nat Geo) Use activities, reference materials, or interactive games to teach and learn about food and food issues. Teachers, scroll down for a quick list of key resources in our Teachers’ Toolkit, including a link to today’s MapMaker Interactive map. Discussion … Continue reading U.S. Considers ‘GMO-Free’ Label

Mapping Food Insecurity

UNITED STATES A new interactive map shows the percentage of food-insecure residents in every county and congressional district in the United States. (The Plate, Nat Geo) Use our resources to better understand the “Paradox of Undernourishment.” Teachers, scroll down for a quick list of key resources, including a link to the “Map the Meal Gap” and today’s MapMaker Interactive map of undernourishment around the world. … Continue reading Mapping Food Insecurity