#TeachNatGeo Helps Your Classroom Go Green!

Earth is our home. We share our planet with billions of other people, plants, and animals, and it’s our job to take care of it. What better place to go green than the classroom? Here are a few tips for teachers who want their classrooms and students to be eco-friendly. Whether it’s on our list or not, share what you’re doing to make your classroom … Continue reading #TeachNatGeo Helps Your Classroom Go Green!

The #TeachNatGeo List: The Power of Maps

It’s Geography Awareness Week and this year’s theme is “The Power of Maps.” At National Geographic, we like maps a lot, but for Juan Valdes, they are his life. Juan is the official geographer of the National Geographic Society. That means he is in charge of all things map-related. If we are talking about “The Power of Maps,” there is no one better to talk … Continue reading The #TeachNatGeo List: The Power of Maps

#TeachNatGeo: Our Most Surprising Lessons

Lessons learned in school can stick with students for years. We asked Nat Geo staffers to share one idea that resonated with them, and here’s what they had to say: Did we surprise you? Chime in with your thoughts! Tag your posts on Facebook and Twitter with #TeachNatGeo to share something you learned in school that completely surprised you. Continue reading #TeachNatGeo: Our Most Surprising Lessons

The #TeachNatGeo List: Getting Your Kids to Connect With the Outdoors

Whether it’s a warm beautiful day, or a muddy, rainy one, kids shouldn’t feel stuck indoors. Here are a few of Nat Geo’s favorite ways to get kids connected to nature for some major fun (and learning, too)! What have you done lately to connect your kids with nature? Chat with us and each other on Facebook and Twitter using the #TeachNatGeo hashtag. Continue reading The #TeachNatGeo List: Getting Your Kids to Connect With the Outdoors