#TeachNatGeo: The Big Six Extinctions (one is happening right now)

We’re in the middle of one of the biggest mass extinctions the world has ever seen. There have been five previous major mass extinctions, when more than 75% of all species on Earth vanished. Think about that for a second . . . three-quarters of life on this planet died. Five times. This list includes pictures of iconic species that went extinct during the five major … Continue reading #TeachNatGeo: The Big Six Extinctions (one is happening right now)

#TeachNatGeo: Six Women in Science that your Students Must Know

Women in science have fundamentally changed the world and the way we understand it. It’s time to recognize them. Marie Curie and Jane Goodall get some recognition, but countless other women in science still remain shamefully unrecognized. The women listed below are a tiny fraction of all the important women in science, but you can start with these six! 1. Mary Anning: Paleontology Mary Anning … Continue reading #TeachNatGeo: Six Women in Science that your Students Must Know

#TeachNatGeo: 5 Civil Rights Leaders Today

We are now thoroughly in the midst of a watershed moment for civil rights in the United States. The internet, cell phones, and social media have mobilized a growing movement for social change in response to the deaths of so many young and often unarmed black people. In this new Civil Rights Era, leaders are raising their voices with determination and hope. Check out the … Continue reading #TeachNatGeo: 5 Civil Rights Leaders Today

#TeachNatGeo: Classrooms Around the World

The classroom is a sacred space. It may look different around the globe, but the classroom is a place where students come to learn, make friends, and get inspired. It can also be a haven, a shelter, and a place to eat. Here are six classrooms from around the world, from Nepal to New York. 1. Kathmandu, Nepal. 2. Sarju, India 3. Nairobi, Kenya 4. … Continue reading #TeachNatGeo: Classrooms Around the World

Fluffy, Scaly, Feathered Ways to #TeachNatGeo

Nothing teaches kids to care for other creatures like hands-on experience! Here are a few animals your students can take care of while they learn. When your students leave at the end of the year, will they want to be a veterinarian, research scientist, or zoologist? Their journey can begin with the pets you bring to class! Tell us about your class pets on Facebook … Continue reading Fluffy, Scaly, Feathered Ways to #TeachNatGeo