Surfing Hawaiian Culture

SPORTS Surfing was once the sport of island chiefs. Today, it binds Hawaiians to their cultural identity. (National Geographic magazine) Learn more about surfing with our resources! Discussion Ideas Read through our great encyclopedic entry on surfing, and take a look at the graphic above. What type of wood do you think ancient Hawaiians used to make paipo, alaia, and olo surfboards? (Get to know … Continue reading Surfing Hawaiian Culture

Five for Friday: Dare to Explore Hawaii

National Geographic Kids recently announced the winners of its Dare to Explore Oahu contest.  Four lucky students were selected from over 1000 contestants to join Digital Nomad Andrew Evans on a week-long trip to the Hawaiian island of Oahu.  
The winners are:
  • Sarah, 13, of Florida
  • Anya, 13, of Ohio
  • Liam, 10, of Wisconsin
  • Ella, 9, of Indiana
To enter competition, the kids were asked why they’d like to explore the capital island of Oahu, and what they thought they would see there.  Learn more about the Dare to Explore Oahu winners here.

View from He’eia State Park, Oahu, Hawaii.
Photo courtesy of Phong Phan, MyShot.
In recognition of these young students’ achievements, let’s do our own exploration of Hawaii-virtually!

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