Cold War Transport Rolls into Berlin

WORLD The newest trains on the U-Bahn, Berlin’s busy subway system, first rolled out before the Berlin Wall was constructed. (The Atlantic CityLab) How does the U-Bahn serve Berlin? Take a look through our GeoStory on public transportation for some guidance. Discussion Ideas Why has the city of Berlin decided to dust off its classic Cold War-era subway cars, nicknamed ‘Doras’? According to CityLab, “Berlin … Continue reading Cold War Transport Rolls into Berlin

Building a Better Subway Map

GEOGRAPHY Maps and mongrels and metros, oh my! Researchers at an MIT lab have devised a way to determine how well commuters can comprehend a subway map—in a glance. (Fast Company, great article!) Use our resources to better understand public transportation, and how to map it. Discussion Ideas Look through our GeoStory “Public Transportation,” which provides maps for buses, trains, and metros. (Maps are not … Continue reading Building a Better Subway Map