Deepika Kurup: Student Scientist

The Google Science Fair, a global online competition for students from 13 to 18 years old, is now accepting project submissions through May 18th, 2016. I connected with the winner of last year’s National Geographic Explorer Award, one of the competition’s exciting prizes, to talk about college, her inspirations, how her water filtration project has grown, and how other students can get involved in scientific … Continue reading Deepika Kurup: Student Scientist

What Does a 6-Year-Old Think of Climate Change?

ENVIRONMENT A Montana first-grader has made a video about how climate change is affecting his family and community. (Nat Geo News) Listen to other “Young Voices for the Planet” with our video series about young people making a difference in the battle against climate change. Teachers, scroll down for a quick list of key resources in our Teachers’ Toolkit. Discussion Ideas What is climate change? … Continue reading What Does a 6-Year-Old Think of Climate Change?

The Tiny Truth About Germs

The cover photo for this post is a microscopic image of fungi, courtesy Fernando Santos and FEI. With stories about Ebola consuming our newsfeeds these days, it’s probably been hard to avoid discussing the outbreak with your students. But as new cases are discovered and treated, is there anything else to talk about? What questions are emerging from your classroom? One way to continue the … Continue reading The Tiny Truth About Germs

They creep, they squeak, they teach?

No, no, not you. We’re talking about those sometimes furry, sometimes feathered, class pets of yours. Like this guy (below). National Geographic and PetSmart have created a line of specialty pet products where the net proceeds will support conservation of animals and their natural habitats. Here in Education, we’ve created an opportunity to make your class pet shine: tell us how they help you teach, or would help you teach … Continue reading They creep, they squeak, they teach?