Forecasting ‘The Longest Day’

WORLD Why was the Normandy invasion so successful? According to Supreme Allied Commander Dwight Eisenhower, “Because we had better meteorologists than the Germans!” (USA Today) Use our resources to remember D-Day. Discussion Ideas According to the USA Today article, D-Day was delayed a day due to “heavy seas, high winds, and thick cloud cover.” Why would each of these weather patterns deter the invasion? Read … Continue reading Forecasting ‘The Longest Day’

Fish Rain Down on Sri Lankan Village

SCIENCE Villagers in west Sri Lanka have said they have been surprised and delighted by an unusual rainfall of (edible) small fish. (BBC) When animals get swept up in clouds, look out below! Discussion Ideas Read our media spotlight “Strange Rains,” which nicely explains how so-called “animal rain” might happen. The spotlight describes two types of weather conditions leading to animal rain: waterspouts and updrafts. … Continue reading Fish Rain Down on Sri Lankan Village

Saturn’s Strange Storm

SCIENCE NASA has released this week the best views yet of a bizarre hexagon-shaped cloud that blankets Saturn’s north polar region. (National Geographic Newswatch) Use our resources to better understand Saturn’s storms and other wild weather in the solar system. Discussion Ideas Read through our terrific activity “Extreme Weather in Our Solar System,” and apply its critical thinking to the Nat Geo blog post about … Continue reading Saturn’s Strange Storm

Are Storms Redefining ‘Tornado Alley’?

GEOGRAPHY AWARENESS WEEK! UNITED STATES While the Great Plains states of Kansas, Nebraska, and the Dakotas, as well as parts of Texas, are collectively known as Tornado Alley for their frequent storms, the weekend was a reminder that Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin are also tornado-prone. (National Geographic News) Use our resources to map tornadoes in the U.S. Discussion Ideas Read through … Continue reading Are Storms Redefining ‘Tornado Alley’?

Last Interview with a Storm Chaser

UNITED STATES Last Interview with a Storm Chaser Tim Samaras, a high-profile meteorologist and storm chaser, was killed in an Oklahoma twister last week. For years, Samaras has driven into the heart of tornadoes, equipment in hand, to learn more about them. Late last month, as tornado season was opening in Oklahoma, Samaras talked to National Geographic about what motivated him to engage in such … Continue reading Last Interview with a Storm Chaser