Media Monday: Using Geo-Education to Fight Bullying

It’s heartwarming to hear the stories about students who have kicked off their school year by fighting against bullies with kindness, like in this story. But how can educators keep students focused on being nice to each other for the months to come? How do you get students to stop and think before posting an inappropriate photo of someone, when blasting out a post to their peers only … Continue reading Media Monday: Using Geo-Education to Fight Bullying

#tbt: When Stories Were Woven

Once upon a time, people crafted blankets and tapestries with the intention of telling a story. These woven works of art often depicted stories of war and civilizations in disruptive times. And they often were made by the very people whose lives were destroyed or deeply changed. The passion in these crafts reveal what once was and what had changed. But these story cloths are not centuries old. They were made … Continue reading #tbt: When Stories Were Woven