Calcium conquers steel

Madison, WI CapitalWell it may not be America’s favorite pastime, but, seriously, who does not watch the Superbowl?  Sunday night I gathered with a crowd of fellow football-watchers to consume large amounts of food, laugh at the commercials, and cheer loudly for our team choices.  In our particular group we had a three-way split between die-hard Steelers fans, Cheese-head enthusiasts, and the indifferent viewers who mostly came to enjoy halftime entertainment, mock incoherent attempts to promote various products and services, and socialize.  For those of you who are wondering what is up with these strange names, the term Packers is derived from the business that originally sponsored the Green Bay team, the Indian Packing Company.  Later the company was renamed the Acme Packing Company, but the name Packers has stuck since the team’s formation in 1919.  The name Steelers, of course, refers to Pittsburgh’s historical reliance on the steel industry.  Sadly, for all of my Terrible Towel waving, the men of steel were no match for the men in green and gold from “America’s Dairyland”.

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