Finding and Using Spatial Data Sources

By Seth Dixon, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Geography, Rhode Island College Data is great, but working with numbers can be intimidating. We have more data than ever before that is available to us, and graphs, charts, and spreadsheets are ways that data can be shared. If that data has a spatial element to it, the best way to visualize a large dataset might just be a map. … Continue reading Finding and Using Spatial Data Sources

young girl points to United States on map

Map It! with Young Children

By Christina Riska, National Geographic Education Do you remember the first map you saw? When a map of the world showed the United States in pink, did you think it was literally a pink country? You may not now, but this is a common misconception when kids ages 3 to 6 see areas displayed this way. As adults, maps—whether print or digital—are a part of … Continue reading Map It! with Young Children