How Russia Handled Its Own Monument Problem

POLITICS Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia had its own version of the “Confederate monument problem.” The solution: a sculpture park in Moscow. (Los Angeles Times) What was the Confederacy? Teachers, scroll down for a quick list of key resources in our Teachers Toolkit, and be sure to vote in today’s poll. Discussion Ideas The Los Angeles Times article says Russia “had its own … Continue reading How Russia Handled Its Own Monument Problem

Ukraine Protesters Maintain Blockade

WORLD Thousands of protesters have spent the night in freezing cold in the centre of the Ukrainian capital Kiev, after Sunday’s huge anti-government rally. (BBC) Use our resources to better understand the conflict in Ukraine—protesters supporting closer ties with the European Union, and government backers supporting closer ties with Russia. Discussion Ideas The protests in Kiev are both political and economic. What are some of … Continue reading Ukraine Protesters Maintain Blockade