Snake Conservation Goes Hollywood

There aren’t many animals that are more likely to inspire fear than rattlesnakes. They are actually amazing and socially complex creatures! Rattlesnakes care for their young, sometimes babysit the young of other adults, and protect each other. However, they are gathered up and killed at events called rattlesnake roundups. Rattlesnake roundups are contests calling for hunters to bring in as many snakes as they can … Continue reading Snake Conservation Goes Hollywood

Creature Feature! Sssigns of Ssspring

By Bonnie Long from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality As winter fades away and the earth heats up with springtime sun, many hibernating critters begin to emerge from their long winter sleep. Be on the lookout for reptiles seeking warmth as you explore! Did you know that some snakes hibernate? A common North American group of closely related species are the Black Rat snakes. … Continue reading Creature Feature! Sssigns of Ssspring

Hiking the Headlands with Snakes and St. Ann’s

By Stuart Thornton, National Geographic Roving Reporter “That’s a snake!” someone yells excitedly while attending a BioBlitz reptile inventory in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area’s Marin Headlands. (Read more about GGNRA’s reptiles here!) Suddenly, students from Bridgeport, Connecticut’s St. Ann Academy try to glimpse the juvenile, foot-long specimen before it slithers out of sight. From then on, in this wetland restoration area overlooking Rodeo … Continue reading Hiking the Headlands with Snakes and St. Ann’s