Kids Saving The Rainforest

About a year ago, my brother and I heard about two girls who started their own nonprofit organization, Kids Saving The Rainforest when they were just nine years old. Their goal was to save the lush rainforests of Costa Rica, where they were living at the time. We were so impressed with their story that we told ourselves that if we ever get the opportunity to … Continue reading Kids Saving The Rainforest

Moth-to-Sloth Food Web

SCIENCE Besides the risks three-toed sloths incur on their tri-weekly potty trips, the trips are costly in terms of energy demands. Why, scientists wondered, do sloths expend so much energy just to poop? (National Geographic News Watch) Use our resources to better appreciate sloths and the people who love them. David Attenborough is one of those sloth-loving people. Discussion Ideas Read the Nat Geo News … Continue reading Moth-to-Sloth Food Web