Sharks Crowd Florida Coast

SCIENCE In an annual spectacle, tens of thousands of sharks are congregating off the coast of Florida. (Christian Science Monitor) Use our activity to learn more about animal migration. Scroll down for a quick list of key resources in our Teachers’ Toolkit, including today’s MapMaker Interactive map. Discussion Ideas According to the Christian Science Monitor article and the South Florida Sun-Sentinel video, thousands of blacktip … Continue reading Sharks Crowd Florida Coast

Saving Sharks with Sanctuaries

Saving Sharks with Sanctuaries

Although sharks have a reputation for being scary, aggressive predators, it is mostly undeserved! Instead, sharks play a vital role in keeping their ecosystems healthy and thriving. Why are sharks important? Sharks have been around for more than 400 million years—almost a hundred times longer than human beings! As apex predators, sharks control the distribution and population of prey species. If there’s enough for a … Continue reading Saving Sharks with Sanctuaries

‘Sea Monster’ Caught in Australia

SCIENCE Frilled sharks are rarely seen denizens of the deep that resemble their dinosaur-era ancestors. (National Geographic News) Use our resources to learn more about some dinosaur-era “Sea Monsters.” Teachers, scroll down for a coloring page and a quick list of key resources in our Teachers’ Toolkit. Discussion Ideas Read our activity “Sea Monsters: Unpack the Evidence.” Review its central questions and concepts: What is evidence? … Continue reading ‘Sea Monster’ Caught in Australia

Shark Tracked Across the Atlantic

ENVIRONMENT Ever since researchers tagged a great white shark nicknamed Lydia off Jacksonville, Florida, a year ago, they’ve been keeping a close eye on her. Their vigilance was rewarded when the 907-kilogram (2,000-pound) fish became the first great white observed to cross the Atlantic Ocean. (National Geographic News) Use our resources to compare Lydia with other long-distance marine migrators. Discussion Ideas Take a look at … Continue reading Shark Tracked Across the Atlantic

Another Deadly Shark Attack in Hawaii

ENVIRONMENT A kayaking fisherman was Hawaii’s second shark attack fatality this year, following an August attack on a snorkeler. Prior to 2013 there hadn’t been a single fatal shark attack in Hawaii since 2004. Are shark attacks on the rise? (National Geographic News) Use our resources to better understand sharks and their behavior. The species of shark responsible for the death of the fisherman has … Continue reading Another Deadly Shark Attack in Hawaii