Another Deadly Shark Attack in Hawaii

ENVIRONMENT A kayaking fisherman was Hawaii’s second shark attack fatality this year, following an August attack on a snorkeler. Prior to 2013 there hadn’t been a single fatal shark attack in Hawaii since 2004. Are shark attacks on the rise? (National Geographic News) Use our resources to better understand sharks and their behavior. The species of shark responsible for the death of the fisherman has … Continue reading Another Deadly Shark Attack in Hawaii

Shark Attack!

ENVIRONMENT Shark Attack! People kill about 100 million sharks every year. (Actually, that number may be closer to 63 million. That’s right, 63 million.) Sharks kill about 12 people every year. Discussion Ideas: This spectacular infographic compares the number of people killed by sharks in 2011 (the last year reliable data was available) with the number of sharks killed by people every hour. Why do … Continue reading Shark Attack!