Tough Sell at Ground Zero

BUSINESS Some families of victims are infuriated at the “crass commercialism” of the gift shop at the new National September 11 Memorial Museum. (Washington Post) Use our resources to understand methods of teaching through tragedy. Discussion Ideas Like almost all museums, the new 9/11 museum in New York City has a gift shop. This has made some people uncomfortable. However, the Washington Post article reports, … Continue reading Tough Sell at Ground Zero

Remembering 9/11

UNITED STATES Twelve years ago, the U.S. suffered the most devastating terrorist attack in our nation’s history. The coordinated suicide attacks on the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., claimed the lives of nearly 3,000 people. (National Geographic Channel) Use our resources to understand “Survivors’ Stories.” Discussion Ideas Read our article “Survivors’ Stories,” and watch some of the videos … Continue reading Remembering 9/11

5 Ways to Commemorate September 11

wtc_p200003-1.jpgIt’s hard to believe that nine years have passed since the first and second World Trade Center towers fell.

Most of us remember September 11 like it was yesterday–I was in high school PE class. Many students, however, may be too young to have meaningful memories of September 11. All of us, young and old, can benefit from taking time to reflect on one of the most significant events in recent U.S. history.

This Friday, here are 5 Ways to Commemorate September 11.

1. Educate
Teachers and parents can help students understand the events of September 11 and the impacts on the global community with these educational resources from the National 9/11 Memorial. Watch webcasts, view collections of artifacts, read articles, and more.

National Geographic Education partners also offer a range of 9/11 resources through the Verizon Thinkfinity consortium. Of course, maps are great tools for visualizing historical events; check out the image above.

2. Share
Students and others old enough to remember September 11 can share their stories on the 9/11 Memorial Website by recording a short video testimonial, uploading a photo, or submitting a piece of writing. It’s a great way to practice public speaking, build media literacy, and cope with complex emotions.

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