FBI v. Apple

UNITED STATES Why won’t Apple unlock the iPhone used by a terrorist? (Fusion) Use our basic resources to introduce issues about privacy and personal territory. Do students consider data on their smartphones their “personal territory”? Scroll down for a quick list of key resources in our Teachers’ Toolkit. Discussion Ideas How did this all start? According to the genuinely great explainer from Fusion, “The FBI … Continue reading FBI v. Apple

Boy Survives Flight in Jet’s Wheel Well

UNITED STATES How do you live through a voyage when the temperature drops to more than 50 degrees below zero and the air is thinner than that at the top of Mount Everest? You usually don’t. (NPR) Use our resources to understand altitude, air pressure, and their impact on the human body. Discussion Ideas The NPR blog post says wheel-well stowaways are likely to freeze to … Continue reading Boy Survives Flight in Jet’s Wheel Well