Educator Spotlight: Experiencing a Fictional Character’s Perspective

Ali McMillan, this week’s Educator of the Week, has taught middle schoolers of multiple cultural backgrounds on three different continents. Inspired by her diverse teaching experiences, Ali encourages her students to consider multiple perspectives, points of view, and social stereotypes in order to reach a deeper understanding in and out of the classroom. Currently she is an English teacher at West Feliciana Middle School in … Continue reading Educator Spotlight: Experiencing a Fictional Character’s Perspective

Alaska Cabbies Keep Their Cool

GEOGRAPHY Geography is destiny for cab drivers in Bethel, Alaska, home to the most taxicabs per capita in the United States—66 cars serving a population of just over 6,000. (Anchorage Daily News) Zoom into Bethel on our MapMaker Interactive. Watch this terrific, five-minute slice of Alaskan life, and discuss the issues below. Discussion Ideas The small town of Bethel, Alaska, is home to the most … Continue reading Alaska Cabbies Keep Their Cool

White Supremacist Tries to Take Over Town

UNITED STATES A man called “one of the best-known white supremacists in North America” is buying up land in the tiny town of Leith, North Dakota. “We [white supremacists] want to politically control the town,” he says. (CNN, watch the video below!) Use our resources to understand the cultural characteristics of place—and how people can take advantage of these characteristics. SCROLL DOWN to express how you … Continue reading White Supremacist Tries to Take Over Town

Ethiopians Resettle in ‘Villagization’ Plan

WORLD Ethiopians Resettle in ‘Villagization’ Plan Ethiopia’s effort to resettle local farmers into main villages while also leasing land to foreign corporations or wealthy Ethiopians has put it under scrutiny for charges of violent forced relocations. Discussion Ideas According to the Christian Science Monitor article, about 45,000 rural households (usually, families) in the Gambela region of western Ethiopia are being relocated in a process called … Continue reading Ethiopians Resettle in ‘Villagization’ Plan