Danish holiday treats: Pudding, pancakes, and potato latkes

In our “Holiday Geocrafts and Treats” post, we suggested trying some traditional ethnic dishes. Of course, the possibilities are endless–nearly every culture on Earth from Mexico to Monaco has its own suite of seasonal recipes. So, to narrow the list, we stuck with our Geography in the News theme of Christmas in Denmark, and added a Chanukah recipe for good measure (of course, Jews are an important minority in Denmark as throughout much of Europe–ever read the excellent children’s book “Number the Stars?”)

So, without further ado, here are our favorite recipes for Danish rice pudding, Æbleskivers, and Jewish potato latkes.

ricepudding.jpgDanish Rice Pudding
Rice pudding is consumed throughout the holiday season in Denmark. On Christmas Eve, it follows the traditional meal of goose–the lucky guest to find the almond hidden in the pudding gets a prize. Another serving is offered at night to appease the prankster elf Nisse, who might otherwise make mischief. On Christmas morning, rice pudding is even eaten for breakfast!

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Glaedig Jul! (Merry Christmas!)

A discussion of December happenings in Denmark (see previous post) would not be complete without Christmas, the nation’s most celebrated holiday. Although climate change might alter the possibility of a white Christmas, Danish traditions are here to stay! This holiday is big in Denmark, and even the Danish word for Christmas, Jul, means “feast,” and modern traditions have origins in old Nordic culture. Good eats … Continue reading Glaedig Jul! (Merry Christmas!)