Educator Spotlight: The Bridge to Selma

Photo by Pat Filippone, Crystal Culp, this week’s Educator of the Week, makes learning personal by challenging students to make connections between an historical event and their own lives. Crystal is a social studies and history teacher for grades 7 through 12 at a juvenile detention center called McCracken Regional School in Paducah, Kentucky. Activity: The Bridge to Selma Grade Level: 7-12 Time Commitment: … Continue reading Educator Spotlight: The Bridge to Selma

How Not to Teach Climate Change

EDUCATION Focusing on political and scientific progress seems like a good move. It communicates environmental problems while identifying potential means for addressing them. The only problem? It’s unlikely to work. (NPR) Use our Environmental Literacy Guide for advice on about teaching climate change. Discussion Ideas According to the research profiled in the NPR article, what are the two familiar ways to teach about “depressing” subjects … Continue reading How Not to Teach Climate Change