Media Monday: Using Geo-Education to Fight Bullying

It’s heartwarming to hear the stories about students who have kicked off their school year by fighting against bullies with kindness, like in this story. But how can educators keep students focused on being nice to each other for the months to come? How do you get students to stop and think before posting an inappropriate photo of someone, when blasting out a post to their peers only … Continue reading Media Monday: Using Geo-Education to Fight Bullying

Celebrate ‘Peace Day’

POLITICS On Sept. 21, the United Nations marks the International Day of Peace with a call to invest in education that embraces global citizenship based on values of tolerance and diversity. (UN News Centre) Use our resources to help encourage tolerance, diversity, and global citizenship. Discussion Ideas In the video above, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon encourages teaching the values of “tolerance and mutual respect.” (Fast … Continue reading Celebrate ‘Peace Day’