Mapping Migration after Hurricane Katrina

UNITED STATES Where did people go? Where are they coming from now? A new map shows where families relocated after the storm—and where new arrivals are coming from. ( Times-Picayune) Get the basics on Hurricane Katrina here. Teachers, scroll down for a quick list of key resources in our Teachers’ Toolkit. If the map isn’t working, this StoryMap is a terrific alternative. Be sure … Continue reading Mapping Migration after Hurricane Katrina

Ethiopians Resettle in ‘Villagization’ Plan

WORLD Ethiopians Resettle in ‘Villagization’ Plan Ethiopia’s effort to resettle local farmers into main villages while also leasing land to foreign corporations or wealthy Ethiopians has put it under scrutiny for charges of violent forced relocations. Discussion Ideas According to the Christian Science Monitor article, about 45,000 rural households (usually, families) in the Gambela region of western Ethiopia are being relocated in a process called … Continue reading Ethiopians Resettle in ‘Villagization’ Plan