Are the Tallest Trees in Tasmania?

ENVIRONMENT Mountain ash trees growing on the Australian island of Tasmania are the tallest flowering trees in the world. They are not quite the tallest trees of any kind, however—that record belongs to the coast redwoods of California. But that might be because things have been skewed against the mountain ash. (BBC) Use our resources to learn more about the tallest trees in the world. … Continue reading Are the Tallest Trees in Tasmania?

Researchers Save Albino Redwood

ENVIRONMENT For decades, a redwood tree has grown in Cotati, California. Mixed among its normal green needles are ghostly patches of yellowish white. It was little noticed by most people—until officials announced that the tree had to be chopped down. Now arborists, researchers, and historians have banded together to save it. (National Geographic News) Use our resources to better understand albino redwoods. Discussion Ideas Albinism … Continue reading Researchers Save Albino Redwood