Is This Bird an Arsonist?

SCIENCE The indigenous peoples of northern Australia have long told tales about raptors intentionally starting fires in order to lure their prey into the open. Now, a scientific study has documented these “firehawks.” (International Business Times) It’s the Year of the Bird, and that apparently includes fire-starting raptors. Teachers, scroll down for a quick list of key resources in our Teachers Toolkit. Discussion Ideas A … Continue reading Is This Bird an Arsonist?

Raptors: The Reality Show

By Stuart Thornton, National Geographic On the main stage at the BioBlitz Biodiversity Festival, Jenny Papka of Native Bird Connections has the full crowd in the palm of her hand. She showcases three birds of prey during her “Raptors: The Reality Show” presentation. Papka begins by showing the crowd a live American kestrel—a bird she calls the “F-14 fighter of the raptor world.” Next up is a … Continue reading Raptors: The Reality Show