Developing a “National Geographic Explorer” Mindset in the Classroom

Teachers are constantly engaging with others—students, parents, and colleagues—yet they are the only ones with a complete understanding of their classrooms and practices. As a result, being a teacher can be lonely. I taught at a small school. I loved my colleagues on my social studies team; we shared resources and supported each other. Still, if I wanted to integrate new ideas into my curriculum, … Continue reading Developing a “National Geographic Explorer” Mindset in the Classroom

Cool Opportunity: “Burst” Into Learning

Registration is Open NOW for the 2014 Winter Session of the NEON Citizen Science Academy.  CSA 502 “Using Project BudBurst Data in An Educational Setting” features an exciting new set of online data visualization tools developed by the National Geographic FieldScope program. It will also cover plant adaptations to a changing climate and links between Project BudBurst data and other broadscale data sets. This course is offered in one … Continue reading Cool Opportunity: “Burst” Into Learning