Educator Spotlight: Creating a Collage for Geoliteracy

Kathy Ho, this week’s Educator of the Week, created an art project focused on the colors of Arctic sea ice. Through this creative activity, students learned about a region of the world that was previously unfamiliar to them. They also considered the impact of climate change on Arctic sea ice and the animals that rely on it. Continue reading Educator Spotlight: Creating a Collage for Geoliteracy

Weekly Warm-Up: Arctic Adaptations

February 27 is International Polar Bear Day! Every year, this day draws attention to the challenges faced by polar bears and other animals in a warming Arctic. What better time to learn about the amazing adaptations of Arctic animals? (And alliteration, apparently.) The Arctic is home to life that exists nowhere else on Earth. Polar bears, narwhals, bowhead whales and other creatures that are able … Continue reading Weekly Warm-Up: Arctic Adaptations

Educators on Expedition: Cristina Veresan Meets the Arctic Food Chain

The following post was written by 2014 Grosvenor Teacher Fellow Cristina Veresan during her expedition to the Arctic. The Grosvenor Teacher Fellow Program is a professional development opportunity made possible by a partnership between Lindblad Expeditions and National Geographic Education.  Expedition Location: Arctic Svalbard, Norway A truly remote wilderness, the Svalbard archipelago is located about halfway between continental Norway and the North Pole in the Arctic … Continue reading Educators on Expedition: Cristina Veresan Meets the Arctic Food Chain

Kite-Skiing in the Arctic

Not allowing your children to watch television and forcing them to play outside just might turn them into National Geographic Young Explorers. Brother-sister team Sarah and Eric McNair-Landry are no strangers to the frozen north, having grown up exploring it with their adventurous parents. The duo kite-skied more than 3,200 kilometers (2,000 miles) across Canada’s Arctic archipelago. Fueled by 200 candy bars, theirs was the … Continue reading Kite-Skiing in the Arctic