Pirate Problems

WORLD The movie Captain Phillips, starring Tom Hanks, is based on a true story: In April 2009, Somali pirates boarded the cargo ship Maersk Alabama off the Somali coast. The movie might make you wonder: Is piracy still a problem? And how big a problem? (National Geographic News) Use our resources to better understand “Pirate Problems,” and how the Navy rescued the Maersk Alabama. Discussion … Continue reading Pirate Problems

Hidden Victim of Somali Pirates: Science

WORLD Hidden Victim of Somali Pirates: Science “Piracy has stopped oceanographic work in the region,” says one scientist. “There’s been no data coming out of this area [the Indian Ocean near the Horn of Africa] for years. Zero.” Discussion Ideas: As writer and National Geographic Fellow Paul Salopek writes in this article, some of the most notorious terrorists in the world are pirates who operate … Continue reading Hidden Victim of Somali Pirates: Science