Vikas Madhav and Prasanna Sriya- My experience at Pichavaram

Vikas, son of Prasanna, is in 5th grade at Sishya School and loves wild life
in general, birds in particular, and aspires to meet Sir David
Attenborough. His favorite school subjects are Geography, Science,
Language, and Math. 

I went to Pichavaram mangrove forest on the 5th of September 2009. Pichavaram is about 14 kms from Chidambaram, in the Cuddalore district, 240 km south of Chennai, where I live.

Much before my journey could begin, I was thrilled, as my mind raced with pictures and scenes of mudskippers, shells, crabs, fiddler crabs, clams–last but not least–the mangrove Pitta. The rich biodiversity and the wetland / mangrove ecosystem is home to creatures both big and small. The undisturbed balance between nature and the ecosystem that it supports makes this place a paradise on earth.

image_sriya_Pichavaram Mangrove.jpg

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